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  • Maintenance service

    Our company has been offering products and services on the European market for over 5 years. During this time, we have gained experience and developed a set of services that no one else in Europe provides. In addition to standard repairs, r ... więcej

  • King Song KS-16X - another step towards excellence

    And finally it has arrived! A new model of King Song electric unicycle. KS-16X represents a completely new approach to design and a really big step forward in the technology of personal electric transport devices. Design King Song accusto ... więcej

  • Which electric unicycle to choose?

    In this article we not only answer most of the Frequently Asked Questions raised by our customers but also elaborate and comment on the most important topics each person, willing to choose this transport solution, should take into considera ... więcej

  • All about Lithium-ion batteries for electric unicycles

    Almost a year ago on another website, I published my article on lithium-ion batteries. Then, I tried to introduce readers to some general information about the batteries commonly used in electric unicycles. In the following article, I would ... więcej

  • Winter unicycle rides and commutes

    It is said that the best time for riding a unicycle is spring and summer. Then the days are the longest, high temperature and sunny weather just encourage you to jump on one wheel and enjoy the view of the thriving nature. For many of us, a ... więcej

  • New large pedals for King Song

    Since few weeks King Song gives the opportunity to upgrade unicycles with large pedals. If you are wondering how it looks on different models of EUC please see the photos below. KS14D KS16S KS18L więcej

  • More range thanks to KS-18XL

    A well-known producer of electric unicycles, King Song, prepared a new version of this year's KS18L must-have. The new wheel got the working name KS-18XL, and its main feature is 50% more battery capacity. Such an operation increases the r ... więcej

  • KS-18L First look

    Finally, the first demo unit of the new 18-inch King-Song KS18L model arrived to Poland. After receiving the unicycle, we immediately went out to experience its performance and features first hand. The KS-18L comes in quite a reasonabl ... więcej

  • The new King-Song KS18L is coming

    The premiere of the new edition of the 18-inch King Song electric unicycle is coming. We should have the first part in the shop in the end of April. Pre-sale is in progress. When you order now you can be sure of an exceptional promotional ... więcej

  • How to decode serial number of King Song unicycle

    Each King Song unicycle has its unique serial number. This number is present on: unicycle cardboard box, pedals on both sides of unicycle, and on main board in processor memory. In the last case, the serial number can be read via Bluetooth ... więcej