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EUNICYCLES shop is an ideal place for all electric unicycle enthusiasts. In our store, you will find many accessories for these unique vehicles that will allow you to make the most of their potential. One of the most important accessories we offer is chargers for electric unicycles, which allow for fast and convenient charging of the unicycle's battery. We also offer additional solutions to support the battery charging process, such as Chargeman, which allows for voltage and current readings, as well as monitoring the battery's level of charge and the energy transferred.
Another important accessory for electric unicycles is tires and inner tubes. They make the unicycle more resistant to obstacles on the road and the ride even more comfortable and safe. At EUNICYCLES shop, you can also find covers, stands, saddles, and mudguards. Covers allow for safe storage of the unicycle, stands provide stable storage, saddles ensure a comfortable and stable riding position, and mudguards protect against dirt and mud on the road.

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  • Unicycles Chargers

    We offer a wide range of chargers dedicated to various electric unicycle models such as Inmotion, Gotway, Kingsong, and Leaperkim. Our chargers are characterized by high-quality craftsmanship and safety during charging. They have the appropriate certifications and meet safety standards, providing the assurance that the electric unicycle will be charged safely and effectively. Our offer includes chargers with different power and cable lengths, which can be adapted to individual users' needs. In case of doubts, our experts are available to help and advise on choosing the right charger.

  • Unicycles Tires

    We offer tires for city riding as well as off-road tires, which work great in rough terrain. Off-road tires are the perfect solution for people who want to ride their unicycle on uneven terrain while maintaining full control over the vehicle. Thanks to the special tread, these tires provide excellent grip and stability on various surfaces such as grass, sand, or rocks. Additionally, off-road tires provide high resistance to damage and abrasion, allowing for longer use of the unicycle in difficult conditions. This means that the user does not have to worry about the tires wearing out or getting destroyed quickly. In addition to off-road tires, EUNICYCLES store also offers tires dedicated to city riding. These are tires with a special design that allows for comfortable riding on asphalt and sidewalks. This allows the user to enjoy the full capabilities of their unicycle in urban conditions as well. City riding tires are characterized by good grip and stability on smooth surfaces, allowing for safe and smooth movement on busy streets. Furthermore, these tires are usually more resistant to wear and tear, which allows for longer use of the unicycle in urban conditions.

  • Inner tubes for...

    In addition to tires, EUNICYCLES store also offers inner tubes for unicycles, which are essential in case of a puncture or worn out tubes. A high-quality inner tube ensures safety while riding, so it's worth taking care of their regular replacement or repair. Inner tubes for unicycles available at EUNICYCLES are made of high-quality materials, which allows for long life and durability. Therefore, the user can enjoy a reliable and safe unicycle for a long time. At EUNICYCLES store, you will find various sizes of inner tubes, tailored to different unicycle models, so every user will find something suitable. Our experts are happy to help in choosing the right inner tube to ensure the best comfort and safety while riding.

  • Others

    At EUNICYCLES store, we offer not only technical accessories for electric unicycles, but also equipment accessories that improve the comfort and safety of using a unicycle. Our range of equipment accessories includes, among others: covers - to protect the unicycle from scratches and dirt during transport or storage, stands - for safe and convenient parking of the unicycle, saddles - to improve riding comfort and allow for adjustment of the seat position to the user's individual needs, fenders - to protect against mud and water when riding on rainy days, pedals - available in different shapes and sizes, providing good grip and stability while riding. Thanks to our wide range of equipment accessories, at EUNICYCLES store, you can equip your unicycle comprehensively. Our experts are happy to advise on the selection of suitable accessories, tailored to the user's individual needs and type of unicycle.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 66 items