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Winter unicycle riding, winter riding on one electric wheel


It is said that the best time for riding a unicycle is spring and summer. Then the days are the longest, high temperature and sunny weather just encourage you to jump on one wheel and enjoy the view of the thriving nature. For many of us, an electric unicycle is not only a way of having fun but a convenient means of transport to work, school,to visit friends or to do shopping.

Modern electric unicycle is a device with a solid and weather-resistant structure. It does not cause problems in rain or snow. Every model of King Song is engineered this way. All leading manufacturers make sure that their unicycles are not just toys for riding during warm and dry days. So if we prepare ourselves properly, the unicycle can be used all year round.

Preparing for winter rides on a unicycle means finding right clothes. The rides are usually not as tiring as riding a bicycle or walking but at the speed of 15 km/h the air velocity can make you feel like it is about 5 °C less. Bearing this fact in mind, you should dress not only warm but also wind resistant. Because each of us has a different thermal comfort, choosing the right clothes is a matter of checking what is the best for yourself. Very useful are trouser protectors with zippers on the entire length of the trousers, waterproof gloves and a hood that you can put on the helmet. You can read more about this topic on the blog "On one wheel" in the article "Do not let the weather discourage you from riding the whole round".

The unicycle itself does not require any special preparation, but you should remember about some important matters. The battery life decreases with temperature. Also, do not allow the battery to charge at a temperature below zero. Therefore, always store and recharge the battery in a heated room. While driving, the battery generates heat as a result of energy loss, which means that its temperature will always be higher than the temperature of its environment. Most of the devices can be safely used in temperatures up to -10 °C.

In most of the winter scenarios, the original tire will work well enough. Certain benefits can come from changing the tire to the one which is suitable for snow or slush. This will reduce the risk of slipping, but the tire will be noisier and the greater rolling resistance will reduce the driving range of the unicycle.

You should also take care of the cleanliness of the unicycle, regularly removing the mud and salt. Caring for the good condition of the unicycle is a task for the whole year, but it is worth spending more time on it in the winter. Salt used for de-icing roads and pavements, left on the metal elements of the unicycle may accelerate the corrosion.

Can you ride an electric unicycle in winter then? If there is no snowstorm and the routes are free from ice, then yes! Is it worth it? It's definitely worth a try. I ride the unicycle all year round. The winter causes even bigger traffic jams, breakdowns of public transport happen even more frequently. This encourages me even more to choose the unicycle as a way of moving around. I also notice that my health has significantly improved and all the colds and flus typical this time of year do not trouble me anymore.

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