The new King-Song KS18L is coming


The premiere of the new edition of the 18-inch King Song electric unicycle is coming. We should have the first part in the shop in the end of April. Pre-sale is in progress. When you order now you can be sure of an exceptional promotional price of around 1700 Euro (7100 PLN). To take part in the pre-sale, you must pay 50% of the price by the end of March.

The wheel can be ordered here:

KS18L Rubber Black     KS18L Black     KS18L White

Technical specification of KS18L

The most important parameters

Motor power 2000W (maximum 4000W)

Battery capacity 1036Wh give trip range around 100km

Maximum speed 50 km/h

84V power supply

Like the other producers the King Song increased voltage of motor power supply KS18L. It gives weight reduction and increase energy efficiency of the motor. It works similar to conventional transmission of electricity.

Double charging

KS18L will have two charging sockets. Both of them in the Lenovo standard. This means that the charger for Inmotion V8 will also be able to charge KS18L. The standard charger has a current of 1.6 A. Charging from 0% to 100% in practice can take approximately 9 hours.

The second charging port allows you to connect an additional charger, thanks to this the charging time will be reduced twice.

Anti-spin - automatic motor switch-off when lifting

A function that KS users might have been missing. Idea known from V8 and Ninebot S2. Here the solution is even better. It does not require pressing any button. Just lift the wheel, even with the handle extended, and the drive (motor) will automatically turn off so as not to accelerate the wheel.

This new, very useful feature works on the principle of a tension sensor in the handle. When the sensor detects tension close to wheel weight then it turns off the motor. The sensor can be controlled from the application level and can be disabled at any time if needed.

It is perfectly demonstrated by the film placed by Thomas Hoon on the Facebook group King Song:

Real, Un-retouched, photos of the KS18L prototype compared to KS16