Electric unicycle service


Our company has been offering products and services on the European market for over 7 years. During this time, we have gained experience and developed a set of services that no one else in Europe provides.

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We are the official certified service of brands like: King Song, Inmotion SCV, Leaperkim (Veteran), Begode.

In addition to standard repairs, replacements of housing elements, inspections, replacements of inner tubes and tires, we are one of the few or even the only service provider that offers the following:

1. Axle replacement in an electric unicycle motor

Unfortunately, many electric unicycles have a basic disadvantage of having a large cable housing inside the motor axis. The opening sometimes has to be so large that the axle is actually a tube with a wall only 1 mm thick. When the weight of the rider exceeds 100 kg, and the unicycle is subject to it and, at the same time, to shock and stress resulting from driving on different terrain, the axle may yield.

We offer to replace damaged axles in all models of electric unicycles currently on the market. The new axle we have developed is made of special, hardened steel, which is much more durable than the original Chinese version. Note to customers: It is important to deliver the unicycle to us with all parts of the broken axle so that it can be accurately reproduced.

2. Electric unicycle engine rim straightening and welding.

Riding over a high curb with low tire pressure and at speed is usually a perfect recipe for a bent rim. Sometimes the damage is extreme and then it is necessary to replace the rim with a completely new one. However, more often than not, the rim can be straightened. Our experience shows that in about 60-70% of cases, the curvature additionally causes a longitudinal fracture at the rim's crest. Welding is essential in such cases. During welding, the high temperature can damage the magnets, so they are removed before welding, and then, after successful straightening and welding, the magnets are installed back in place.

After repair

3. Battery repair

Each battery consists of many individual cells. The more cells in a battery, the greater the probability that one of the cells may be defective or have a lower lifetime than the others. Sometimes the repair ends with the replacement of individual cells, sometimes with the replacement of a set of cells if the entire package shows symptoms of complete wear. It also happens that the BMS board is damaged. For example, in the case of Inmotion V10 / V10F batteries, we have extensive experience in the repair of BMS boards. Occasionally, repair is not possible.

We provide a 1-year warranty for each service repair

Please find below the price list of basic services provided by our website (tax included):

tire or inner tube replacement 50-80 EUR + the price of a tire or inner tube
overhaul 49 EUR
damage diagnostics 37 EUR

valuation of an accident repair with a protocol (necessary for the insurer to pay the compensation)

66 EUR
replacement of the inner shell 94 EUR + inner shell cost
replacement of bearings in the motor 79 EUR + bearings cost
replacement of the motor axle (along with the production of a new, strengthen version of the original axle), cables repair if broken 213 - 277 EUR
straightening of the rim of the motor (with welding if necessary) 128 - 170 EUR
motherboard repair 53 - 106 EUR (depending on the degree of damage, sometimes repair is not possible)
battery repair / regeneration individual pricing

P.S. If you plan to send us your EUC for service, for god's sake, don't use polystyrene in your package please!