King Song KS-18XL Rubber Black 1554Wh + large pedals


Speed: 50 km/h
Range: 80-130 km
Motor power: 2000W (max: 4000W)
Weight: around 24 kg
Extendable handle
Automatic night lights
Large pedals

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Ficha técnica

Model KingSong KS18XL 1554Wh
Color Rubber Black
Diameter 18 inches
Maximal speed 50 km/h
Range 80-130 km
Motor power 2000W (max. 4000W)
Battery 1554 Wh
Weight 24 kg
Maximal load 150 kg
Dimensions 590 x 495 x 180 mm
Height of the pedals 160 mm
Mobile application Android, iOS, Pebble Watch
Night lights YES
Braking light YES
Side LED lighting YES (4 x 9 RGB LED customizable)
Speakers YES (stereo x4)
Extendable handle YES
USB charging port YES

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The special edition of KS18L with bigger battery and larger pedals.