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Which electric unicycle to choose?
Which electric unicycle to choose?
In this article we not only answer most of the Frequently Asked Questions raised by our customers but also elaborate and comment on the most important topics each person, willing to choose this transport solution, should take into consideration. Well, the first one is, to put it mildly, quite common: Why would I want a unicycle? Electric unicycles along with segways, hoverboards and one-wheel boards belong to the group of so-called gyros because they come equipped with gyroscop...
Current firmware versions
Current firmware versions
Below is the latest version built-in software of all EUC from our store:   Unicycle model Firmware version KS-18L 1.13 Inmotion V10F 2.2.8 KS-16S 1.09 KS-14SMD 1.09 KS-14D/S 1.11 KS-18S 1.06 KS-16 1.27   If you have a software version older than the one above, please contact your reseller for updates.
Winter unicycle rides and commutes
Winter unicycle rides and commutes
It is said that the best time for riding a unicycle is spring and summer. Then the days are the longest, high temperature and sunny weather just encourage you to jump on one wheel and enjoy the view of the thriving nature. For many of us, an electric unicycle is not only a way of having fun but a convenient means of transport to work, school,to visit friends or to do shopping. Modern electric unicycle is a device with a solid and weather-resistant structure . It does not cau...
New large pedals for King Song
New large pedals for King Song
Since few weeks King Song gives the opportunity to upgrade unicycles with large pedals. If you are wondering how it looks on different models of EUC please see the photos below. KS14D KS16S KS18L ...
More range thanks to KS-18XL
More range thanks to KS-18XL
A well-known producer of electric unicycles, King Song, prepared a new version of this year\'s KS18L must-have. The new wheel got the working name KS-18XL, and its main feature is 50% more battery capacity. Such an operation increases the range of the device significantly, but it will weight about 2 kg more. Together with the larger battery, the manufacturer has prepared a new design of mudguard. The unicycle will be available only in rubber black color and will have a charac...
KS-18L First look
KS-18L First look
Finally, the first demo unit of the new 18-inch King-Song KS18L model arrived to Poland. After receiving the unicycle, we immediately went out to experience its performance and features first hand. The KS-18L comes in quite a reasonable size for an 18-inch wheel. Compared to 16-inch wheels you can however see a significant difference. The wheel has two Lenovo charging ports and two USB ports. The mudguard is large and provides great protection especial...

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