EUC World Premium 1 year for free
EUC World Premium 1 year for free
To every new electric unicycle purchased in our shop we give 1 year of EUC World Premium account for free. The EUC World is the most popular application dedicated for electric unicycle users. The application is available for Android system. The iOS version is on going. More about EUC World on: ...
Electric unicycle service
Electric unicycle service
Our company has been offering products and services on the European market for over 7 years. During this time, we have gained experience and developed a set of services that no one else in Europe provides. Feel free to contact us. Let\'s talk about repairing your unicycle: telephone: +48 690 490 690 mail: We are the official certified service of brands like: King Song, Inmotion SCV, Leaperkim (Veteran), Begode. In addition to standard repairs, rep...
King Song KS-16X - another step towards excellence
King Song KS-16X - another step towards excellence
And finally it has arrived! A new model of King Song electric unicycle. KS-16X represents a completely new approach to design and a really big step forward in the technology of personal electric transport devices. Design King Song accustomed us to the round shapes of its unicycles. In the case of KS16X, the device\'s profile has been completely redesigned. The unicycle looks much more modern, and yet the philosophy of symmetry typical of KS seems to have remained. However, althoug...
Which electric unicycle should you choose? Ranking and Tips
Which electric unicycle should you choose? Ranking and Tips
In this article we not only answer most of the Frequently Asked Questions raised by our customers but also elaborate and comment on the most important topics each person, willing to choose this transport solution, should take into consideration. Well, the first one is, to put it mildly, quite common: Why would I want a unicycle? Electric unicycles along with segways, hoverboards and one-wheel boards belong to the group of so-called gyros because they come equipped with gyroscop...
Electric unicycle battery, euc battery - all about Lithium-ion batteries for unicycles
Electric unicycle battery, euc battery - all about Lithium-ion batteries for unicycles
Almost a year ago on another website, I published my article on lithium-ion batteries. Then, I tried to introduce readers to some general information about the batteries commonly used in electric unicycles. In the following article, I would like to extend this knowledge, and also analyse practical examples of the lifecycle of lithium-ion cells usage , by owners of electric unicycles.   Li-Ion battery used in King-Song KS-16S   Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are currently...
Winter unicycle riding, winter riding on one electric wheel
Winter unicycle riding, winter riding on one electric wheel
It is said that the best time for riding a unicycle is spring and summer. Then the days are the longest, high temperature and sunny weather just encourage you to jump on one wheel and enjoy the view of the thriving nature. For many of us, an electric unicycle is not only a way of having fun but a convenient means of transport to work, school,to visit friends or to do shopping. Modern electric unicycle is a device with a solid and weather-resistant structure . It does not cau...

Electric unicycle - a modern mode of transportation

An electric unicycle is an innovative vehicle that is becoming more and more popular among the residents of Polish cities. Said type of vehicle is typically powered by an efficient electric motor. It is characterized by a remarkably straightforward design. It moves thanks to the user maintaining a proper coordination. The implemented pedals serve as a platform, supporting a person riding the vehicle in question.

Riding the electric unicycle can be described as smooth, efficient, effortless, and notably swift, especially while considering other vehicles of the same type. Our online store incorporates unicycle variants that are perfect for all the individuals willing to start their adventure with electric unicycles, as well as modes of transportation adjusted to the needs of true aficionados of unusual commutation. The unicycle may seem to be a gadget designed with adults in mind, but due to its increasing popularity and compactness, it is gaining a constantly growing group of users - both in Poland and abroad. The electronic modules implemented in the unicycle allow for the proper stabilization of the driver. Sensors, accelerometer, and gyroscope are utilized for said purpose - they are designed in such a way to detect potential incorrect tilt and restore balance by moving forward or backward. Balance calibration in the case of the unicycle works in the same manner as the labyrinth within the human body. The brain, working with the pieces of information obtained from the environment, controls coordination in order to maintain the balance of the body. It has to be stated that the unicycle calibration system operates in a similar fashion. After overcoming initial difficulties pertaining to maintaining balance on the unicycle, the consecutive rides will become smooth and completely intuitive. Thanks to the use of modern technological solution, riding the vehicle on everyday basis will become a pure pleasure.

The main driving element of the unicycle is an electric motor, the power of which affects the maximum speed of movement of the vehicle. The unicycle additionally incorporates a rim on which a standard bicycle tire is mounted. 14″ to 18″ wheels are among the ones that are most commonly utilized in the case of such vehicles. Of course, there are also unicycles with smaller or larger wheels. It all depends on the selected vehicle model. Additional LED lighting installed in many unicycles makes riding after dark notably easier.

Electric unicycles in everyday use

The unicycle does not have traditional brakes that are utilized in the case of multi-wheeled vehicles. Nevertheless, the method of slowing down is easy and intuitive. Braking is based on shifting the weight of the body backwards (which is the opposite of accelerating). Said movement causes the engine to turn into a generator and convert kinetic energy into electric one. It allows to recharge the battery. Said phenomenon is referred to by experts as regenerative braking.

Electric unicycles are a great alternative to traditional bicycles and scooters. What is also interesting is that riding them is just as fast. The compact dimensions of the vehicle make it easier to find a place to park it, as well as to take it with you. Electrically powered unicycles available in our store are selected models from the best global manufacturers, such as King Song, Inmotion, Begode (formerly Gotway), and Leaperkim Veteran Sherman. It is the guarantee of reliability and safety of equipment used in any and all conditions. Riding the unicycle is a great way not only to commute, but also to have great fun.

Modern vehicles of the discussed type are equipped with amortized suspension. Thanks to its use, a spring combined with a pneumatic shock absorber ensures a remarkable riding comfort that is much higher than in the case of competitive units. Unicycles are just perfect for everyday use. They may be rather small, but they are truly powerful machines. They allow for quick and trouble-free commutation, especially in urban environments. In the case of Poland, electric unicycles are constantly gaining popularity. It directly translates into users of unicycles being required to become familiar with the applicable traffic regulations.
Thanks to the use of an electric unicycle, one can easily reach school, workplace, and even go for a quick shopping session. One should remember, however that unicycles are designed for covering short and medium distances (up to 100 km). In the case of longer distances, it is worth opting for a motorbike or a car.

Electric unicycle - ranking

As a device, an electric unicycle is typically associated with several leading brands. The ones that are most frequently opted for by users are King Song and Inmotion. It has to be noted that the market of electric unicycles is developing at a surprising pace. In the near future, we may expect new, highly unique models of unicycles to be presented to consumers. A comprehensive ranking of electric unicycles can be of use, as it tells the prospective user what to take into account when buying a unicycle and what capabilities individual units offer.

King Song is considered to be one of the most popular manufacturers of electric unicycles. Within the timeframe of last year, the most frequently purchased model was S-18, which offers top speed of 50 km/h. The effective range of said model oscillates around 50-80 km. Reaching such a distance is possible thanks to the implementation of a 2200W engine and an efficient battery. It is worth indicating that the weight of said unit is rather notable (25 kg). Additional features of the model include a retractable handle and night lights. The discussed unicycle is compatible with a mobile application that can be installed on phones with Android, iOS, and Wear OS.

Inmotion is yet another popular brand of electric unicycles. Without a doubt, excellent quality and original design are key advantages of unicycles offered by the discussed producer. The vital parameter of the frequently purchased V11 is a remarkable range, which is about 60-110 km with a fully charged battery. The discussed model, similarly to King Song’s S-18, can reach the speed of up to 50 km/h, but is slightly heavier. It is one of the very first electric unicycles with amortized suspension. Thanks to its implementation, ride comfort is notable.

What electric unicycle to opt for? What to take into account?

The aspects that the prospective buyer should pay particular attention to when purchasing an electric unicycle are its quality and such parameters as: maximum speed, range expressed in kilometers, engine power, battery efficiency, unicycle weight, maximum user load, as well as additional functions. A stand enabling for an easy storage and parking of the vehicle will for sure be an additional advantage of the unicycle.

It is also worth checking if the selected unit has built-in LED lights that will make driving it much easier, especially after dark. An important aspect that cannot be neglected is the maximum effective range, but top speed is also vital. Higher values ​​of said parameters ensure greater capabilities of the unit. One should also check out battery before making a purchase, as it varies depending on the model. We would like to encourage you to contact our professionals who will examine your both functional and visual needs. Basing on them - they will advise you with regard to the optimal unicycle that should be chosen. 

Electric unicycle for children - perfect for initial driving lessons

Riding an electric unicycle grants great fun. It is also an amazing gift idea for a child who would like to start his or her adventure with driving and practicing balance. When choosing a unit intended for a child, it is worth paying attention to the speed limit, thanks to which the child will be safe on the unicycle. In the case of children under 12, it is worth limiting the speed of the unit to 14-16 km/h.

The recommended size of wheels for children is 12 inches for younger kids and 14 inches for children over 10. If the unicycle is to be the main method of commuting to school, vehicles with the effective range of several kilometers should be considered.

Electric unicycle - rules and principles applicable to such units  

We would also like to recommend getting acquainted with the rules of driving a unicycle, as they are different in each country. One must always comply with traffic rules set by authorities in one’s country. It will allow to safely ride the unicycle, as well as will ensure the safety of other road users. We recommend checking the maximum speed of a unicycle in a given country. It is also worth checking what types of roads and paths can be utilized while travelling by unicycle. The awareness of the applicable law is important, as penalties for breaking traffic regulations apply in every country in Europe.

Let us remember that the regulations have been introduced to ensure the safety of every road user, pedestrian, as well as a driver using a bicycle path or road.

Electric unicycle - how fast can it go? Is it safe?

Modern unicycles allow users to ride at speeds that sometimes exceed 70 km/h. Nevertheless, one should always use common sense while driving. The consequences of driving too fast can be painful not only for the body of the driver, but also - for his or her budget.
Some models of unicycles are equipped with a dedicated mobile application, thanks to which it is possible to configure the unit while riding. The application allows the user to study the parameters while driving, as well as to turn on additional sound and visual features.
The maximum speed of the unicycle should be adapted to the skills and age of the rider, as well as to the applicable road laws. With proper care, driving is completely safe and hassle-free.

Electric unicycle - range. How far can one go on a single charging?

Unicycles with lower engine power and battery efficiency can reach an effective range of up to several kilometers. For example, Inmotion V8F electric unicycle can reach from 30 to 50 km. More expensive and technologically advanced units make it possible to travel over 100 kilometers on a single battery charge, as it is in the case of Inmotion V11 (up to 110 km) or King Song S22 Eagle (up to 180 km). We think those are both really impressive results.
As it can be noted, the maximum effective range depends on the specificity of a given unit. Therefore, it is vital to contact an expert and familiarize oneself with the detailed parameters of the desired vehicles before making a purchase.
Most unicycles for adults are designed with the maximum load of 120 kilograms in mind. There are also devices that can be used by individuals of the weight of up to 150 kilograms. Every potential user will surely find a unicycle suiting his or her needs perfectly.

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