King Song KS-16S Sports Rubber Black 840Wh


Speed: 35 km/h
Range: 50-70 km
Motor power: 1200W (max. 3000W)
Weight: 17,4 kg
Extendable handle
Automatic night lights
Lift sensor

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Ficha técnica

Model King Song KS16S 840Wh
Color Rubber black
Diameter 16 inches
Maximal speed 35 km/h
Range 50-70 km
Motor power 1200 W (max. 3000W)
Battery 840 Wh (LG)
Weight 17,4 kg
Maximal load 150 kg
Dimensions 506 x 463 x 196 mm
Height of the pedals 125 mm
Mobile application Android, iOS, Pebble Watch
Night lights YES
Braking light YES
Side LED lighting YES (4 x 9 RGB LED customizable)
Speakers YES (stereo x2)
Extendable handle YES
USB charging port NO

Más información

The most knowed King Song unicycle. The 16 inches wheel marked as "Sports" version.

Newest specification with new trolley bar and lift sensor.