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Some of the color sets can be currently out of stock and need to be prepared. In such of case, the production may take 5-10 days.

Excellent power pads printed of high resistance material which is soft but stiff enough to ensure a nice feeling and great grip during the dynamic ride.

Suitable for:
King-Song KS16X, KS18L/XL
Gotway-Begode Nikola, Nikola+, MSX, MSP, RS, EX, EX.N, Monster Pro
Inmotion V10, V10F, V12

The User Manual can be downloaded here:

The set contains:
- Frontside pad 2 pcs.
- Backside pad 2 pcs.
- The Cap 2 pcs.
- The bur tape for EUC side panel
- The bur tape for pads


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Grizzla Pads - standard size

Grizzla Pads - standard size

Power pads
Separated sides
Customized colors
High resistance